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Renew your Two Wheelers Insurance Now!

Two wheeler insurance is compulsory as per the Indian Vehicle Act, 1988; therefore, every two-wheeler owner must renew their two wheeler insurance policy on time to remain compliant with the law. But, most two-wheeler policyholders get overwhelmed by the sometimes long insurance renewal process that involves inspections and endless paperwork. In light of this, most two-wheeler insurance providers have adopted online insurance policy renewal methods that are not only hassle-free but also save time, effort and money. Hence, you can renew two wheeler insurance instantly by buying the two wheeler insurance online.

How to Renew Your Two Wheeler Insurance?

It is advisable to always renew two wheeler insurance on time or before the current insurance cover lapses. This gives you enough time to compare the available insurance policy renewal options in a bid to determine your ideal two wheeler insurance cover. You can get the best and detailed two wheeler insurance renewal quotes on Coverfox.com by simply entering the vehicle details and responding to some questions. You are then offered a list of credible two-wheeler insurance policies to select from. From this point, there are two ways of renewing your two-wheeler insurance; contacting the insurance provider you choose (offline renewal) or making an online renewal.

Online Renewal

After choosing the ideal two wheeler insurance policy, you visit the insurance provider’s website and choose to renew your policy online. However, some online third-party platforms allow you to renew two wheeler insurance via their websites. You make premium payments online via credit, debit or net banking. Online renewal is faster since your renewed policy is activated instantly. You receive a soft copy of your two wheeler insurance policy  immediately on your registered email address. Nonetheless, your insurance policy is deemed fully active a few days after the initial payment.

Offline Renewal Process

You must visit the insurance provider’s office or contact them. An insurance agent must conduct a detailed inspection of your two-wheeler vehicle and decide the ideal renewal policy for you. Therefore, you must visit the insurance provider’s office regularly and file the required paperwork before your policy is renewed. Moreover, since an insurance agent is involved, and inspection is required, offline two wheeler insurance renewal is quite expensive.

Steps to Renew Two Wheeler Insurance

1. Decide before Expiry

Insurance experts recommend making a two wheeler insurance renewal decision at least 45 days before the current policy expires. This gives you enough time to compare renewal offers as well as utilize your accumulated insurance benefits.

2. Re-examine your Current Cover

As you renew your two wheeler insurance, you can choose to change some policy details or insured areas that you deem unnecessary. This may include insurance benefits that you did not use yet they increase your premium. Hence, you can request for a lower cover where you pay for the insurance services you require.

3. Correct the Information

If you changed your address or city, remember to change the information to avoid discrepancies and miscommunication. You may have to submit proof documents before the insurance provider agrees to change the information.

Easy Access to All the Renewal Plans Online

The internet of things has changed how business is carried out. As such, renewing your two wheeler insurance online is possible and highly-effective. Coverfox.com offers detailed information about the different two-wheeler renewal plans as well as how to renew your insurance plan online. If you want to change your insurance provider, you simply go through the information to find the ideal two wheeler insurance provider and contact them. Online two-wheeler insurance renewal plans offer timely due date notifications, eliminate problems associated with delayed premium payments and are less hectic. However, the guidelines on how to renew two wheeler insurance online may vary from one insurance provider to another. Therefore, it is advisable to cross-check with your two wheeler insurance provider about their online policy renewal process.

Final Remarks

It is evident that it is easier, less expensive and hectic to renew two wheeler insurance online. It offers instant two wheeler insurance renewal. However, it is advisable to avoid using your two-wheeler until your policy is fully active since you are not covered during the policy activation period.